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        Characteristics and challenges of mobile medical connector technology era

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        Portable and wearable medical devices in the medical technology industry represents a huge growth market. Patient monitors are gradually evolved from the hospital bedside of stationary devices for small lightweight integrated device that provides full mobility for patients, so that they can stay at home and in the community while receiving physician care. Advanced technologies are driving the innovation of mobile medical services, and those exciting diagnosis and care with telemedicine and electronic medical equipment, you can make physicians a more efficient way to communicate with a growing number of people, even if patients located in remote parts of the world can be achieved at. Optimal patient comfort and mobility depends on whether you can encapsulate more functionality to the thickness of the thinner, smaller and smaller devices. Is constantly developing and highly reliable device can be seamlessly play performance in non-traditional medical environment, beyond the limitations of the clinical environment, medical device designers presented a unique huge challenge.

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